Publié le 28.05.2021

We are pleased to announce that our new “cycle network” map is available as of today.

Updated and revamped, its sleek new look matches that of our new website.

But the biggest news is that it comes with more than 200 km of new sections that will be signposted by 2022, which brings our “Famenne by Bike” network to close on 450 km!

The map features some one hundred kilometres of new routes across Pays de Famenne and some one hundred kilometres of new connections with other parts of Wallonia.

Better still, now that the Provinces of Liège, Luxembourg and Namur are developing their own cycle networks, the options are endless!

Here is a selection of the loveliest new routes in Pays de Famenne:

- A green corridor between Nassogne and Forrières that runs through Domaine du Fourneau Saint Michel (21 km)
- A quiet road between Harsin and Marche-en-Famenne that takes you through Waha (5 km)
- A change of scenery between Bomal and Tour (3 km), between Tour and Heyd (2.8 km) and between Bomal and Heyd via Izier (12.9km)
- Two idyllic routes between Deulin (2 km) and Han-sur-Lesse (3.2 km)
- A shortcut between Buissonville and Waillet (9.3 km), and between Buissonville and Sinsin (10 km)

Here are some nice routes that will give you a taste of our neighbouring territories:

- To Domaine de Chevetogne (Municipality of Ciney) via Frandeux (5.7 km)
- A stunning route to the peaceful village of Resteigne (Municipality of Tellin) via Han-sur-Lesse and Belvaux (3.3 km)
- To Deux-Rys via Heyd (4 km)
- Between Bomal and Izier (4.2 km)
- A new route to Ciney-Huy RAVeL via Somal, Maffe and Miécret (14.6 km)

ORDER THE MAP via our online shop!

And the icing on the cake... gradually you’ll see the official, green, new signposts spring up all along the various routes!